Our turnaround time for orders is to 2-3 WEEKS. Our toys are designed, built and finished by us at every stage, and we take pride in creating beautifully handcrafted play pieces. Many orders will be dispatched before this time frame, but please do keep this in mind when ordering.

Rimu wooden rainbow on a side angle
The Rimu Rainbow
Rainbow pieces shown pulled apart on a white background
image shows a brown wooden rainbow for children
Image shows a deconstructed rainbow on a white background

The Rimu Rainbow

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 A delightful addition to our rainbow family. The Rimu Rainbow is deliciously smooth and the natural finish allows the wood grain to just shine. Each piece is slightly different, and makes for a positively unique resource.Our Rimu rainbow is the perfect level of challenge for little ones, and provides opportunities for open ended play.

 Dimensions: 16.5 cm L x 7 cm H x 3 cm W.