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Our turnaround time for orders is to 2-3 WEEKS. Our toys are designed, built and finished by us at every stage, and we take pride in creating beautifully handcrafted play pieces. Many orders will be dispatched before this time frame, but please do keep this in mind when ordering.

set of 4 wooden trees in various shades of green
wooden oak tree
wooden willow tree
wooden fir tree
The Forest

The Forest

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Bring the outdoors inside to play with our delightful forest set. These gorgeous trees are handcrafted from Macrocarpa wood, and will create magic for your little ones playscapes. These delightful trees look beautiful paired alongside our roads, fences, and houses, or are equally stunning on their own. 

Each set contains 

1 x willow tree 

1 x fir tree 

1 x oak tree 

1 x palm tree 

 Made from Macrocarpa wood. 





Willow 13.5cm H x 12cm W   

Palm 13.5cm H x 7cm W

Fir 13.5cm x 4cm W

Oak 13cm H x 12cm W

all 2cm thickness.