Why choose wooden toys?

Wooden toys are a better choice for our environment, and our children. Although they are growing in popularity, wooden toys are still a minority in many of the big stores in New Zealand.  Thankfully there are a growing number of smaller businesses (like us woohoo!) who are committed to ditching the plastic. 

As the chief toy buyer for your family, you can make the choice to buy quality wooden toys, over the plastic, lower quality counterparts. You can also sway your family and friends to make the switch when buying presents too (maybe share this with them to get them inspired!)


  1. Wood is a durable, hard wearing material. Compared to plastic, it is much stronger and less likely to break.
  2. Because wooden toys last longer, they can become heirloom items, able to be passed down between siblings (or even parent to child!)
  3. Wooden toys are great for the imagination. Wooden toys have no flashing lights, no annoying sounds, they rely completely on the child's own imagination to come to life. This means the child creates the fantasy situation, rather than being passively filled with information. 
  4. They are biodegradable. Wood eventually breaks down, unlike plastic which is here pretty much, forever. 
  5. No nasties  - Wooden toys are free from nasties like PVC and BPA, unlike their plastic counterparts. 
  6. They are sustainable and contribute to the conservation of the planet's resources. Wooden toys are free of petroleum products, helping to reduce negative impacts on the environment. 
  7. They are beautiful! Wooden toys are classic and fit well within any play space. They are nostalgic too, many of our parents who buy our toys talk about a special wooden toy they remember as a child. 


As you can see, plenty of reasons to opt for wooden toys! The only hard part will be choosing which ones to purchase first xx 

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