The Pikler Triangle



What is a Pikler Triangle?

The Pikler triangle is a wooden climbing frame developed by Dr Emmi Pikler, and can be used from children as young as 6 months to 5 years old. Although often attributed to the Montessori approach, the Pikler Triangle was actually developed by Pikler over 100 years ago, and gained popularity when adopted by Magna Gerber, who introduced the RIE philosophy and the work of Emmi Pikler to the USA. 

Pikler advocated for free movement for children, and observed that children’s physical development flourished when they were able to explore freely. She believed that children should be given time and space to experiment physically and overcome challenges. Her work also found that children who were “supported” to develop physical skills such as standing, sitting and walking before they are developmentally ready, tend to develop with less strength and confidence in their posture and movement. Pikler strongly suggested that from infancy, children should be allowed to develop their physical motor skills without interference. 

“Whilst learning to turn on the belly, to roll, creep, sit, stand and walk, (the baby) is not only learning those movements but also how to learn. He learns to do something on his own, to be interested, to try out, to experiment. He learns to overcome difficulties. He comes to know the joy and satisfaction which is derived from this success, the result of his patience and persistence.”  - Emmi Pikler. 

Why use a Pikler Triangle?

A Pikler Triangle is one of the most amazingly versatile resources available for supporting developing motor skills. It gives children the opportunity to develop balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Climbing is a skill which develops over time, as children become more confident, they will challenge themselves further. 

It also is a fantastic open ended toy for home or centre environments. With a blanket it becomes a book nook or fort, or a castle, or whatever else your little ones can imagine. With the introduction of a Pikler Plank, there are even more opportunities for fun. When play outside is not possible, the pikler triangle provides children the opportunity for gross motor play in a safe way, and saves your couches! 

Why choose our Pikler Triangle?

Safety and simplicity are our top priority at Early Bird Toys. Our Pikler Triangle comes ready to use, no kit sets, no difficult instruction guides, simply use the allen key provided to lock the two bolts in place and you are ready to  play! 

 We also use high quality solid N.Z  pine, rather than plywood. Whilst plywood is a cheaper, lighter option we feel that the use of solid timber really creates a beautiful product, which compliments other household furnishings. The individual knots, grain and character can shine through when working with natural woods, and creates a gorgeous finished product.



How do I use the Pikler Triangle?

Our Pikler Triangles are designed with care for children from 6 months to five years, and are intended for indoor use. A weight limit of 50 kgs is recommended. Pikler triangles are designed to be used by the child, at the child’s developmental stage. Resisting the urge to intervene means your child will go at their own pace, and at the developmental milestone they are ready to achieve. A child will only climb or explore as far as they feel confident. Each child will reach these milestones at their own time, and the pikler triangle will provide challenge and excitement to your child whatever their developmental skills are. Stand back, observe and watch the magic 

We hope this guide helps you on your Pikler Journey, if you have any further questions you can discuss them with us at any time   xx


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