The benefits of stacking and building toys 

Here at Early Bird, we have so many wonderful play things to support children’s inherent urge to build, create and learn through the process of trial and error. Block building is a fantastic open ended way to play, and provides little ones with a sense of accomplishment as they create their structures. 

 Here are some benefits to learning and development 

  • Hand eye coordination is supported through building, stacking and balancing. The child learns to place items in a tower in such a way that their creation does not topple.

  • The possibility to explore early mathematical and scientific concepts through a hands on experience. Children can explore gravity, stability, balance and weight, as well as size, space, depth, width and height. 

  • Building blocks can enhance children’s spatial awareness. Studies have shown that play with blocks help children to understand spatial concepts such as over, under and through. 

  • Building play supports children’s fine motor skills. Tasks such as grasping, turning and rotating blocks can all support children’s fine motor skills. 

  • Building with blocks provides challenges to young children, enhancing logical thinking capacity and developing perseverance and commitment to a task. 

  •  Co-operative construction play supports social skills. Research suggests that children develop positive social skills when they work on cooperative building projects. Language skills are also strengthened and extended through construction play. 

 So there you have it, so many benefits to construction and building play. We have a wide range of products available on our online store, made right here in New Zealand, 💚

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