Our turnaround time for orders is to 2-3 WEEKS. Our toys are designed, built and finished by us at every stage, and we take pride in creating beautifully handcrafted play pieces. Many orders will be dispatched before this time frame, but please do keep this in mind when ordering.

Early Bird Blog

  • The benefits of stacking and building toys 

    Here at Early Bird, we have so many wonderful play things to support children’s inherent urge to build, create and learn through the process of trial and error. Block building is a fantastic open ended way to play, and provides little ones with a sense of accomplishment as they create their structures.
  • The Pikler Triangle

    A Pikler Triangle is one of the most amazingly versatile resources available for supporting developing motor skills. It gives children the opportunity to develop balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Climbing is a skill which develops over time, as children become more confident, they will challenge themselves further. 
  • Loose parts play: So many possibilities for learning.

    Have you ever noticed how content your child is playing with stones in the garden, or gathering up daisies from the lawn? As adults, we have often...
  • Why choose wooden toys?

    Wooden toys are a better choice for our environment, and our children. Although they are growing in popularity, wooden toys are still a minority in many of the big stores in New Zealand. Thankfully there are a growing number of smaller businesses (like us woohoo!) who are committed to ditching the plastic.
  • Routine versus Ritual.

    Routines add value to our lives, but we should ask ourselves, what extra value could we offer our little ones by infusing a sense of purpose, intention and celebration into these everyday activities?